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We can learn from history how past generations thought and acted, how they responded to the demands of their time and how they solved their problems. We can learn by analogy, not by example, for our circumstances will always be different than theirs were. The main thing history can teach us is that human actions have consequences and that certain choices, once made, cannot be undone. They foreclose the possibility of making other choices and thus they determine future events.......Gerda Lerner

Pearl Harbor. On Sunday, December 7th, 1941 the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the U.S. Forces stationed at Pearl Harbor , Hawaii. By planning his attack on a Sunday, the Japanese commander Admiral Nagumo, hoped to catch the entire fleet in port. As luck would have it, the Aircraft Carriers and one of the Battleships were not in port.

American victories in the Coral Sea and Midway Island U-Boat 505 WWII Photos PI Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

Battle of Leyte Gulf & 10 / 44 Landings Normandy Invasion Songs
D-Day Landings and Battle of Leyte Gulf Liberation freedom from the Japanese occupation. Most of us were born this year and also the previous year 1944 Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Place of Birth Old Manila Collection of War Pictures From Families in this era

(The USS Enterprise was returning from Wake Island, where it had just delivered some aircraft. (The USS Lexington was ferrying aircraft to Midway, and the USS Saratoga and USS Colorado were undergoing repairs in the United States.)In spite of the latest intelligence reports about the missing aircraft carriers (his most important targets), Admiral Nagumo decided to continue the attack with his force of six carriers and 423 aircraft. At a range of 230 miles north of Oahu, he launched the first wave of a two-wave attack. Beginning at 0600 hours his first wave consisted of 183 fighters and torpedo bombers which struck at the fleet in Pearl Harbor and the airfields in Hickam, Kaneohe, and Ewa. The second strike, launched at 0715 hours, consisted of 167 aircraft, which again struck at the same targets.At 0753 hours the first wave consisting of 40 Nakajima B5N2 ”Kate" torpedo bombers, 51 Aichi D3A1 "Val" dive bombers, 50 high altitude bombers and 43 Zeros struck airfields and Pearl Harbor. Within the next hour, the second wave arrived and continued the attack.


Enclosed is a premiere topic of our generation, about saving our wonderful planet earth, and also ourselves too. In my efforts to emphasize my solutions and prevention of the catastrophe ahead, I recall the quotation. "Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it." With that, I hope not to fall in the latter category.

My goal is to keep everybody abreast and involved to prevent the future dim scenario in the mother country. If we do not implement the gentle methods to placate
our environment, the Philippines and all areas in "the tropics with its few resources and growing population will resort to war and violence to satisfy the hunger of the populace in this climate catastrophe." What we have sown in this planet will bring forth a harsh aftermath and gone will be the pleasant existence of our past. This topic has become a moral issue.
The havoc and destruction will be more than the combined effects of WWI, WWII and the 1929 depression. It is about, how the recent generations could destroy all what man has created in the past 10,000 years. This also brings to light the moral values of the entities whose objectives are to spread doubt and prolong the debate on
Global Warming. The debate is now over, on authority of some of the world's top science experts, they believe that those who spread doubt maybe prosecuted as criminals as they "have blood on their hands" and are "morally if not legally, criminals."

The memories of this period became so vivid now that I am retired from public service. Exactly half a century ago, a long time ago, I recall the afternoons, when we use to loiter around the corridors and hallways of Rizal Hall. The times in our early teens, our bags loaded with books, eager and wide eyed, always quick to learn the basic subjects of the arts and sciences, or sometimes explored its dark crawl space looking for misadventures, learning to smoke the dreaded blue seal cigarettes.

Listening to the jeers from members of the upper classes, as they would taunt, and it was juvenile as I reminisce now, "you have not reached manhood yet until your first puff......or stay in the crawl space alone for this long....or..." maybe with some reluctance to our awakening puberty, encouraged ourselves to socialize with the opposite gender. These constituted a happy and some basic phases of our formative years, with all these judgement and experience of yesteryear directly affecting a big portion of our persona towards maturity.

Our generation probably is the most interesting, born in the crucible of World War II, then in later years, the most changes and perhaps the last of the innocent generation. The years from 1943 to 1945 are considered to be the silent (war babies) generation, between the so called hero and the baby boomer generations. My intent, to emphasize the war years, reflected my perception of this period that significantly impacted everybody. If not for the war and the turn of events, maybe we would not be even here. In truth, it is our trademark as war babies. How we and our parents survived the tribulations of that era was in itself phenomenal. However, bear with me, the later years will show the lighter side of our generation, and hopefully all can enjoy the chronicles and timeline of everyone in this segment of our life.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background.....Walt Whitman

The countless minor scenes and interiors of the Iraq war; and it is the worst for us that they should not. The real war will never get in the books for it is covered up by the old people who started it.

There was a forgotten war, that is seldom written in history books. The similarities and the mood of the period in this war at the turn of the century were congruent to this Iraq war at the present times. The popular writer Mark Twain was a voice of bitter dissent to the patriotic expansionist mood in 1898–1902. In this essay, originally published in February 1901, Twain lashes out at the double standards and deceit of European-style imperialism, which claimed to bring civilization to non-Western peoples "sitting in darkness" (in a paraphrase of a Rudyard Kipling poem). He condemns what he considers to be the United States playing the European-imperialist game in the Philippines.

Mark Twain's quote, “What has been the practical statesmanship which comes from your ideals and sentimentalities? You have wasted six hundred millions of treasure. You have sacrificed nearly ten thousand American lives, the flower of our youth. You have devastated provinces. You have slain uncounted thousands of the people you desire to benefit.”
Here’s the box score:
American military deaths: 4,324.
Coalition Casualties in Iraq
American soldiers wounded: 2,818
Philippine military deaths: 20,000 (est.)
Philippine civilian deaths: 250,000 to 1,000,000.
250,000 – 1,000,000. Nobody bothered to count.
Twain refused to see the colonization of the Philippines as some kind of noble effort. In 1901, his growing disgust with imperial ambitions led to his decision to publish, “To The Person Sitting in Darkness.” Later, he would serve as Vice-President of the Anti-Imperialist League. In this passage, Twain slays all the dragons: There have been lies; yes, but they were told in good cause. We have been treacherous; but that was only in order that real good might come out of apparent evil. True, we have crushed a deceived and confiding people; we have turned against the weak and friendless who trusted us; we have stamped out a just and intelligent and well ordered republic; we have stabbed an ally in the back and slapped the face of a guest; we have bought a shadow from an enemy that hadn’t it to sell; we have robbed a trusting friend of his land and liberty; we have invited our clean young men to shoulder a discredited musket and do bandits’ work under a flag which bandits have been accustomed to fear, not to follow; we have debauched America’s honor and blackened her face before the world; but each detail was for the best. We know this.

3/27/2006 Iraq Project updated
The Iraq timeline has been updated to include additional details regarding the Bush administration’s
aluminum tubes allegation, the case of the forged Niger documents, Curveball and the alleged mobile biological weapons labs, and the Pentagon’s recently exposed propaganda program in Iraq. You can view a timeline consisting of only the most recently …

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The President and the Press - Kennedy Warns America of New World Order

John F. Kennedy Speech, April 27, 1961

American Newspaper Publishers Association. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY.

In a speech that should shock Americans. He warns the press and America to be on the lookout for the exact circumstances that have manifest themselves under the Bush Administration and the false flag of state sponsered terrorism.

This speech should chill Americans to the bone. Kennedy died trying to warn us. He wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and the C.I.A.

On November 22, 1963, hardly past his first thousand days in office, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by mutiple assassin's bullets as his motorcade took and unscheduled turn in Dallas. Kennedy was the youngest man elected President; and youngest to die. The Secret Service was not by his side, they had been called off of his motorcade. Who would have the power to do this?

Graduating from Harvard in 1940, he entered the Navy. In 1943, when his PT boat was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer, Kennedy, despite grave injuries, led the survivors through perilous waters to safety. He is a war hero.

Don't let his death be in vain. This speech which has now transended time could be the key to saving America from the fate which looms over it like a dark spectre.

Author: John F. Kennedy
Date: 1961-04-27 00:00:00
Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
Recorded by: White House

John F Kennedy Assassination Secret Service Stand Down

This video shows showing the Secret Service officer ordering JFK’s bodyguards away from JFK before entering the Grassy Knolls area when he gets shot. The [CIA/Mossad] thugs who murdered JFK, his elder brother Joseph, his brother Robert and his son JFK Jr. should know that although they control things then and now, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on murder.

Monday, January 8, 2007

False Justification for War in Iraq and Martial Law Declaration

Below is an extreme version from the ultra left on their beliefs as how George W Bush and his cohorts can accomplish his new world order. An attack will happen to emulate Pearl Harbor fatalities and make the people hunker for Martial Law. This is suppose to happen in the next two years, before the 2008 presidential elections and henceforth will be suspended with the advent of Martial Law. It is up to you to decide, who is telling the truth. Added September 7, 2007
I am only showing all the sides of the spectrum. The WTC event was made by the Bush Administration's false justifications for war in Iraq within the larger context of a two-decade struggle by neoconservatives to dramatically increase military spending in the wake of the Cold War, and to expand American power globally by means of military force. The attack on Iraq caused the lives of over 200,000 civilians, the destruction of a sovereign country, that was not a threat to us, the total anarchy in Iraq that lead to a civil war, the blood of our troops, the debasing of our economy only for what, the ignorance of this president of the difference between Sunnis and Shiites or there is his axe to grind against Saddam.
If you're interested in knowing this other truth, horrible as it is, then I suggest you watch this and other videos. These atrocities, will continue until the American people wake up and put a stop to this evil. The first step is to understand and have an open mind that this could really be happening.

Resolution to Impeach President George Bush at 2006 Texas Democratic Convention

The “Impeach Bush Resolution Campaign” delivered almost 1400 signatures signed by more than 30% of the delegates at the 2006 all Texas all Democratic Party state convention in Fort Worth to the party. The resolution called on the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors and for willfully violating his Oath of Office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. The resolution failed in a close vote on the floor of the convention. The vote on the impeachment resolution took place in a nearly empty convention hall, although it could have been brought up much sooner if the rules of the TDP had been followed in a timely manner. The TDP rules state, “A submission of such a resolution shall be immediately recognized as being before the convention as the next order of business after completion of any item under consideration.” However the convention chair kept the resolution off the agenda until two point of order requests from delegates caused the chair to bring the resolution to the floor in the final hours of the convention, when only around 250 people were present in the hall.

Impeach Bush and his fellow conspirators for their crimes!

This video does not claim to have any proof of any sort about anything. It is only ONE mans opinion about something big. Right or wrong as it might be.
But please do some research on your own! You could start by reading the credits!

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From Bataan to Baghdad (2005)

This video has a Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

From Bataan to Baghdad (2005)
Dedicated to the souls lost at war ... and those they left beind ... past, present, and future.

Director: Dark Star
Producer: Dark Star
Production Company: ds
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Soundtrack: Pearl Jam

Monday, January 1, 2007

Countdown with Keith Olbermann - The Nexus of Politics and Terror

Olbermann report on how the US government uses fear and terrorism threats to counter bad publicity.