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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rule of the Gun in Sugarland

RULE OF THE GUN IN SUGARLAND was shot and produced entirely in the Philippines by WITNESS partner Joey Lozano in collaboration with the NAKAMATA indigenous coalition. The video documents in chilling detail a period of three months in late 2001 when three indigenous leaders were murdered, others attacked, and a village razed as coalition members peacefully and legally pursued ancestral land claims on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. During this whole period, Joey Lozano was working with NAKAMATA, a new WITNESS partner, conducting camera trainings and providing support. Even as police and authorities failed to act, these WITNESS partners were on the scene in the immediate aftermath of attacks - documenting, gathering evidence, interviewing and recording the scene of the crime. Footage included in this video was also shown on the top Philippine investigative TV show and provided as evidence to investigators. [RT 11:00]

Death of a nation

This was how British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's described Czechoslovakia when the Nazis invaded Prague in the 1930s.

The same can be said of East Timor.

Timor is located at the easternmost end of the Indonesian archipelago and lies 300 miles north of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. The western part of the island, formerly a Dutch colony, became part of Indonesia upon independence in 1945.

East Timor, a Portuguese colony since the sixteenth century, remained under Portuguese rule and decolonisation began only after the revolution in Portugal of 1974.

A power struggle between political parties within East Timor erupted into civil war in the summer of 1975.

In September of that year, Indonesian troops invaded East Timor, supposedly to thwart this 'Communist uprising'.

In 1998, John Pilger and David Munro entered East Timor where 23 years earlier, a team of journalists, including Australian Greg Shackleton, were murdered by the Indonesian army for daring to question the validity of the invasion.

Pilger uncovers the shocking complicity of the US and Great Britain governments in the ensuing genocide - the same governments who were willing to go to war with Saddam Hussein for his invasion of Kuwait, but who stood aside as Indonesia broke the exact same UN regulations to rape and pillage East Timor using Western arms.

People Power: The 1986 Philippines EDSA Revolution

This is a documentary project on the 1986 Philippines EDSA Revolution, written, composed and edited by three 7th grade students from Syracuse, New York, for the Junior Group Documentary category of National History Day 2006. This documentary took first place at the regional level, second place at the New York state level, and narrowly missed becoming one of the top 12 finalists in the National History Day competition held from June 11-15, 2006 at the University of Maryland. This documentary also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA Revolution that restored democracy in the Philippines after 20 years of martial law. This documentary gratefully acknowledges the not-for-profit fair use of copyrighted video and graphical material from various sources listed in the end credits.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) "This Is The Philippines" Footage starts with the town of Manila in 1940 before the Japanese took it over. A modern, civilized country- an American city. December 26th, 1941- It only takes a matter of months before the Japanese take Manila and the rest of the Philippines. May 5th, 1942- a tragic day- the Philippines is completely lost to the Japanese. Hundreds of U.S. and Filipino soldiers are taken prisoner- many are tortured and murdered. By winning the Philippines the Japanese gained control over chromite, gold, iron, coal, copper, oil and most important of all a population of 17 million- built in slaves for the Japanese war machine. The U.S. has pledged to help the Filipinos gain their independence from the Japanese on or before July 4th, 1946.

Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) Explains the history of the Philippines starting in 1521 with Magellan- who found the islands. In 1898 the U.S enters the Philippines with Admiral Dewey & the Battle of Manila. And for 40 years the Filipinos have strived to be like the U.S. They have universities, an army and a government. Just like the U.S- they're diverse. Film explains the Moro, the Nigretos, and also the Filipino women. Describes the food, the sports that are played. The resources that are found there: coconuts, sugar cane, lumber, rubber, tobacco and manila hemp. A transcript is read from a radio message that came out of Fort Mills, Corregidor on May 5th.

Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (black & white) President Eisenhower speaks of how important team work is and how it won us the war. "True Glory"- footage explains how the Germans were taking over and describes the united front that resisted them. Soldiers give first hand descriptions of their experiences in battle. Lots of battle footage- fighter planes, cannons, bombs, death and destruction.

War On The Third World Segments part 2

CIA Covert Operations and U.S. Interventions Since World War II. What you didn't learn in school and don't hear on the mainstream media.
This is a two-hour video compilation featuring the following ten segments:

1. Martin Luther King Jr.

2. John Stockwell, Ex-CIA Station Chief

3. Bill Moyers, "the Secret Government"

4. Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair

5. School of Assassins

6. Genocide by Sanctions

7. Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now

8. The Panama Deception

9. Ramsy Clark, former U.S. Attorney General

10. S. Brian Wilson, Vietnam Veteran for Peace

We encourage the copying and distribution of this video

"What I've Learned About U.S.Foreign Policy"

Re-edited as of March 2005

Dear Friend,

"I've put together this 2-hour video called ‘What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy’. The basic message being that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the military-industrial-complex, the Pentagon, the multinational corporations, the media and the Government of the United States are responsible for the deaths of millions of people in the third world, not to mention the poverty and oppression of millions more. We support, arm, and train dictators and militaries that do these evil actions to their own people. All of this is to insure that we control the natural resources of these countries and their market place, use the people for cheap labor and keep the business of war (which is our biggest business) ongoing.

The CIA has also done business with international drug dealers, allowing heroin and cocaine to enter the U.S., using the enormous profits to fund more covert operations.

Since WWII the US has bombed Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and now currently Iraq, once again killing millions of innocent people!

The mainstream media, or corporate media (as some refer to it), will not tell these truths because it is owned by the very corporations who benefit from all of this. When it comes to foreign policy, the mainstream media gets its stories straight from the Pentagon and the CIA. We have been taught all our lives that the US fights for freedom and democracy, that we are the good guys. And since so many people in America are doing well, do have freedom, opportunity and wealth, or are just trying to get by, there is very little motivation to look into the things being said on this tape.

I believe that Americans are living in a state of mass denial, kind of a mass hypnosis. It is the BIG LIE! If Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, and Ted Koppel aren’t telling us these things, then they cannot be true, which is what most people believe. And that is how it works. The people who are attempting to get this message out are labeled as crackpots, radicals, subversives, or worse, and are not given the opportunity to be heard on the mainstream media.

If you're interested in knowing this other truth, horrible as it is, then I suggest you watch this video. These atrocities, supported by our system, with our tax dollars, will continue until the American people wake up and put a stop to this evil. The first step is to understand that this is really happening. We have been lied to! I believe the people on this video are telling the truth and it’s absolutely frightening."

In Peace and Solidarity,

Frank Dorrel


After Japanese military personnel began to play a greater role in Japanese government Japan began a pattern of expanding their domain and control over new territories, e.g. TAIWAN and Russian territories, and the Korean peninsula. After WWI Japan gained control of most of Imperial Germany's possessions and colonies in the Far East and Pacific waters. In 1937 the Empire of Japan started laying out plans to invade mainland China. Japan shook hands with Nazi German and declared common interests. In 1940 Japan made a pact with Hitler and Fascist Italy to form the Axis Powers. These Japanese actions led to the U.S. embargo of scrap metal and gasoline and to close the Panama Canal to Japanese shipping. One thing led to another and to a complete oil embargo. Also to help China the United States and the United Kingdom made loans to China and (unofficially) provided COVERT MILITARY ASSISTANCE, PILOTS, AND FIGHTER AIRCRAFT (THE FLYING TIGERS) to China. Facing all around embargoes, running out of necessary raw materials, and facing a fighting force, THE FLYING TIGERS, Japan had the choice of withdrawing from China, negotiating a compromise, or developing new resources. or going to war, Believing that the French and British were too occupied with Nazi Germany and that the USA could not organize a military machine in time the Japanese decided to go ahead with the Greater East Asia War in the Pacific. They made a mistake though on that December 7, 1941. They attacked PEARL HARBOR.

In the video you'll see Bob Dole, Captain Charlie Weaver, Lt. James Lantz and his wife, Eileen, and Eileen's mother, Maude Irene Weaver. Gen. Patton, Bogart and Bocall, Joltin Joe DiMaggio, and the last picture is my Judy hoping that some day the bombs will stop dropping.